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Other Guild News

Tanks shouldn't be late!

murderous_spade, Jul 23, 11 1:09 AM.
  Summers for me are harsh, usually do to everyone being hot and miserable.  In any case sometimes overtime has to take hold since I'm the guy to fix their problem.  Because of this, I like to apologize to the guild.  Although I don't think much of my personal help, a tank shouldn't be late or absent.  Hopefully I can get this app for my phone to work so I can call it in, in case of random o.t at work.


  Anyway beyond that, I'm glad I was able to be part of the actual Cho'gizzle kill!  Took us a few tries (maybe 4?) but we got it and everyone seem to be doing their jobs really well.  I see potential that maybe we CAN actually take on the firelands!  We still have 2 more bosses to take down so we can prove we got what it takes but with talented girls and boss like players all together I'm sure we'll be able to further our conquest!

 Grats  to the sweet cho'gall kill.  Keep our missions fun and our team mates close!

6/12 almost 7

uthden, Jun 16, 11 6:29 PM.
We tried 4 winds last night. After a few tries and alot of learning, we beat the first boss fight. We got two leather belt Shards. For the first time seeing the boss we did really well. Great work Anubi.

Next we headed back to BlackRock Mountain to fight Chimeron. Despite failing to enter the final phase with the group being more than 25% Life, we got the boss down to 3% Health. Very close loses are a good sign that once we figure out the right timing to push the final phase, we will get the win.

Great work TCS!

The Crystal Shard tackles Zul'Gurub!

Paladin_Barius, Apr 30, 11 7:53 AM.
Tuesday, April 26th. Patch Day. The day when we may once again venture into the lost instances called Zul'Aman and Zul'Gurub. I, Barius as healer and Chaosky tanking, took Poxyclypse, Dawnsend, Cipricus, Leilabug and Asyri as DPS to test out the new dungeons first hand. We swapped out Asyri and Cipricus through the runs because of bugging issues and we couldnt manage a full run, which wasnt fun at all, however we did manage to see almost the full run of ZG b4 the instance bugs got the best of us and made us go do a random. They were quite cruel, group dropping, instance not loading, and causing disconnects. However, Poxy got a nice cloth piece, a BoE Str mace dropped, and to our amazement a mount dropped, the Armored Razzashi Raptor (Item), which was won by Barius.

TCS Kills another raid boss

Meesa82, Apr 20, 11 10:03 PM.

This week, we once again traveled to the Bastion of Twilight and one-shot Halfus.  No BoEs this week, but we've been lucky the past few weeks.  

After a vote, we headed to Magmaw in Blackwing Descent.  We had several members who had not been in BWD, so there was a lengthy explanation and after a few tries we were able to get Magmaw down as well. We ended the night after pulling Omnotron to see what we are up against for Thursday.

Overall, it was an awesome night!  We are looking to up our raid nights to two days/week and our goal is to tackle the easier raid bosses and get some solid kills.  (Halfus, Magmaw, Omnotron, and Conclave of Wind and currently what we want to kill)

Next week, rumor has it that 4.1 is being released.  So, there will be no raid on Tuesday, but if 4.1 drops I'm sure there will be heroic groups going to try out those new instances!  Raiding will be Wednesday and possibly Thursday.

Thanks to all our guildies for coming out to tackle the new raids!


Bastion of Twilight

Meesa82, Apr 5, 11 10:53 PM.

This week two Unheeded Warning trinkets dropped and went to Ingverkind and Maiz!  Congrats to both of you!

We once again beat Halfus.  This weeks drakes were the storm, slate, and nether.  We beat him on our second attempt after a slight adjustment.  We had several very good attempts at Valiona and Theralion, making progress each time.  I am confident that we will soon have that kill under our belts as well.

It should be noted that we had way more people ready and willing to raid this week.  If we can get 20 willing and able people then we should be able to run two groups.  

Thanks to all those that showed up, and for your hardwork!!


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